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Leading VFX and 3D animation artists count on Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite to create the most realistic simulations, 3D animations, characters, and environments with photorealistic textures. This cost-effective, end-to-end creation solution is packed with tools like 3ds Max, Maya, and more, giving you the ideal way to bring all your creations to life.

Autodesk Entertainment Suite is accelerated by industry-leading NVIDIA® GPUs¹. NVIDIA Quadro®—the world’s most powerful workstation graphics—provides support for multiple 4K displays, large memory capacity, advanced photorealistic rendering, and flexible multi-GPU configurations. This allows artists to tackle the most challenging visual computing tasks effortlessly. NVIDIA Iray® enhances photorealism within 3ds Max in the ActiveShade interactive rendering window, allowing materials and lights to correspond and react like those in the physical world.

NVIDIA GPUs are certified by Autodesk for meeting the highest quality and performance standards while providing maximum performance² for 3ds Max. With the power of NVIDIA, artists and animators have a fast and easy way to validate edits, enhance their creative capabilities in real time in the interactive viewport, and render their work in stunning photorealism.

Team up with the Cintiq Companion 2nd generation to enjoy total creative freedom. The superior natural pen-on-screen drawing experience brings each remarkable detail of your expression to life with exquisite accuracy. Plug into your Mac or PC or go find a favorite spot—either way, the Cintiq Companion 2 can run intensive creative software, and stands by ready to inspire the most demanding artists and designers
Tools might transform, but artistry remains. The Cintiq 27QHD creative pen & touch display sets a new standard in color and resolution. The most natural forms of creative expression meet an advanced interface design that re-imagines the creative workflow so you don't have to adapt to the tool—the tool adapts to you. Work with hands-on fluidity as you create with a pressure-sensitive pen and multi-touch gestures directly on an expansive edge-less glass display.
Add multi-touch gesture support to one of Wacom's most versatile creative pen displays, the Cintiq 22HD. You are sure to enjoy creating directly on this large-format, high-definition display with Wacom's pressure-sensitive pen. Now you can also dive both hands into your work to rotate, zoom in, and work more fluidly. Ample screen size, advanced display performance, and multi-touch support, all in one display.